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Ok So I thought Id make massive Blog Challenge for my readers and fellow Bloggers.

This challenge is called What’s your Confession? It will be hosted on Confessions of Love, a group blog. Tell us your confession of love or love story,

Anonymous submissions are welcome.

Written Submissions are welcome.

All submissions will be posted but one will be chosen to be Featured all through out the Blog each week by Fridays, Including: Author Name, Blog Link, Books Links

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1) No self promotion

2) No Vulgar Language

3) No Eroticism, keep it PG or at least G Rated.

4) Keep it Creative but real!!


1) Find the best background that you will tell your story on.

2) Go to and use the online editor and tell your story by using the Text Tool.

3) Submit your confession entry to

Good Luck! And hope to see your submissions.

If any questions, contact me and I’ll be glad to help.

Movie Review: Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Journey To The Center of The Earth

Journey to the Center of The Earth is an exciting movie made in 2008, a recreation of the Movie and Book that Jules Verne wrote in 1864. The first movie was filmed in 1959, USA and directed by Henry Levin. The second movie filmed in 1978, Spain and directed by Juan Piquer Simón called Viaje al centro de la Tierra. In 2008 a director named Eric Brevig recreated one of the most famous stories of Jules Verne among a few other novels such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873).

The movie stars Brendan Fraser as Trevor Anderson, Josh Hutcherson as Sean Anderson and Anita Briem as Hannah Ásgeirsson in which they take vacation to find Trevor’s lost brother who went missing while following clues to the book “Journey to the Center of he Earth”. Skeptical to what they might find, Trevor and his nephew Sean embarked in finding clues that his brother left behind In the beginning they meet Hanna Ásgeirsson, a Mountain Guide, and traveled up a mountain in which they became trapped in a cave during a thunderstorm. Finally discovering that this mysterious world is real and dangerous.

The question which fills all our minds is, Is this world real? Are there more than magma in the center of the earth? Questions of the unknown is still greater then the answers. This movies is great to watch with adults or kids.

MyMemories Giveaway

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    Product Review: My Memories Suite

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    I was given the opportunity to try out My Memories Digital Scrap Booking Software and I absolutely loved it.
    It was real easy to find different categories such as photos, shapes, embellishments, and so much more.
    At first, you need to figure out what type of albums, greeting cards, and even book covers you want to create.
    But as you get the real feel of the program, you start to see your work in progress and begin to appreciate you work of art as much as the memories. The digital scrap booking software is a must to try if your a Scrapbooker yourself.
    Its extremely fun to work with and easy to use, its also great for kids to use and create their own photo albums. I recommend using this program by My Memories Suite for all your scrapbook software needs.


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    The following photos pages are what I created with My Memories Suite:

    9-11: The Day Still Haunts Us

    Its been 10 years since the attacks towards one world’s biggest nation, USA has taken place. The Twin Towers falling and over 3,000 deaths has become this nation’s sorrow and pain. The hurt of lost souls in these attacks still haunt us, and still fresh in our minds. A toll of silence hit each person in the world as they watched the horror in TV or in person on that day. Now Every on the day, we remember a time in history where the heart of America was hit.

    In media History New York is shown to be the targeted place for horror flicks and Armageddon type of movies. On 9-11, these previews of horror became real to those who loved in New York and those who lost their lives. The Pentagon hit and on fire from a plane crash becomes reality to America. As the 3 known and most populated buildings vastly evacuated with death toll increasing, we watched in silence. For days the streets on Manhattan filled with ash and firefighters went hours searching for people still in the rubble.

    These events teach us that spending every moment with our loved ones is a gift we should cherish.

    For those who lost loved ones in the attacks, our hearts and prayers go out to you and your love ones.
    Comment and tell us, What is your story? What were you doing the day of 9-11?

    Movie Review: Red Riding Hood

    A few nights ago I watched Red Riding Hood, a remake of an old children’s story with a twist. The directer of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke, has created a subtle medieval inspired tale of a girl who’s village is terrorized by a wolf but you be surprised to see who he really is….

    A romantic story endures between the lines of dangerous yet thrilling plot of good verses evil. Truth is do you know how to tell which one is really good or evil? Red Riding Hood (Valerie played by Amanda Seyfried) with few known actors such as Gary Oldman, Virginia Madison, Lucas Haas, Billy Burke from Twilight Sagas and many more. There is a lot to learn from the movie, just as much as the story.

    Movie Review: Jumping The Broom

    This movie is full of witty comedic adventure of a couple’s wedding. The drama of bringing two families into one household, one wedding, and the making of one dis-functional family. Sabrina (played by Paula Patton) and Jason (played by Laz Alonso) meet after minor car accident which sky rocketed a relationship of powerful love and understanding, yet they are tested by family. Another trial during the movie is the tradition of “Jumping The Broom.”

    Which Mrs. Taylor explained the tradition from their ancestors, mostly done in ceremonies since slavery. But as researched, this tradition was also performed in Africa, Europe including Scotland, Hungary and Gypsy. Historically originated in Wales “broom-stick weddings” used among the Romani Gypsies in Wales. And this tradition has traveled different diverse cultures. The symbolism of “Jumping The Broom” is translated in many different parts of the world, such as “leap of faith.” You can look up more the meaning of the phrase in Wikipedia: Jumping The Broom.

    This movie is must-see movie for both couples and families to laugh and enjoy the wonderful journey that each character go through and come together as family. Also Starring Angela Bassett as Mrs. Watson, Loretta Devine as Mrs. Taylor, Magon Good as the sexy Blythe, comedic Tasha Smith as Shonda, Mike Epps as Willie Earl, Romeo as Sebastian and many many more outstanding actors. Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did!!

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