Fight 4 Love!

It seems to be human nature to fight for anything, mostly love. In a relationship there is usually one person fighting and the other defending or not really caring. But the fact is that most of us have given up on love, others have high hopes that there is love and never really get it. You can date 50 people to find the right one, and when you do something always comes to demolish those dreams of what-ifs. In one of Jordan Sparks songs there is a line “Love is a battlefield”. Does it really take much to win that battle? As time goes on and the older you get you start to realize which battles you choose to fight for and which of those seem futile to win.

Readers, If you have your own comments on this topic post them up. I wanna see your aspects on this. Keep on reading!

P.S Im also gonna create a group at the following site, Come Join us! and tell us what subjects you wanna see!
After Dark


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