Elena Undone………Does Soulemetry exist?

This movie is the perfect example of love…real love. Not the mushy ‘I love you’ and then nothing comes out. “Elena Undone” is played by mainly two women Necar Zadegan as Elena and Traci Dinwiddie as Peyton, who fall in love at the wrong time. Finally following their hearts, but you watch their struggle with the truth that the heart was crying out for.
Have you ever truly walked by someone and having the feeling you know them somehow…Then seeing them again somewhere else till it seems they are everywhere. The underlined messages when you finally speak to them. This movie inspires and stirs that emotion or thought. The best way to describe is have you met your soul mate? If so, would you let them go?
I was looking for the dictionary meaning of soulemetry when I came across one blog called My Soul Undone. The blogger wrote inspiring piece on the movie, passionate in her words while describing the movie. To my readers, I dare you to watch this movie and take a look in your own hearts, listen!!!


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