Movie Review: Jumping The Broom

This movie is full of witty comedic adventure of a couple’s wedding. The drama of bringing two families into one household, one wedding, and the making of one dis-functional family. Sabrina (played by Paula Patton) and Jason (played by Laz Alonso) meet after minor car accident which sky rocketed a relationship of powerful love and understanding, yet they are tested by family. Another trial during the movie is the tradition of “Jumping The Broom.”

Which Mrs. Taylor explained the tradition from their ancestors, mostly done in ceremonies since slavery. But as researched, this tradition was also performed in Africa, Europe including Scotland, Hungary and Gypsy. Historically originated in Wales “broom-stick weddings” used among the Romani Gypsies in Wales. And this tradition has traveled different diverse cultures. The symbolism of “Jumping The Broom” is translated in many different parts of the world, such as “leap of faith.” You can look up more the meaning of the phrase in Wikipedia: Jumping The Broom.

This movie is must-see movie for both couples and families to laugh and enjoy the wonderful journey that each character go through and come together as family. Also Starring Angela Bassett as Mrs. Watson, Loretta Devine as Mrs. Taylor, Magon Good as the sexy Blythe, comedic Tasha Smith as Shonda, Mike Epps as Willie Earl, Romeo as Sebastian and many many more outstanding actors. Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did!!


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