Official Blog Challenge

Ok So I thought Id make massive Blog Challenge for my readers and fellow Bloggers.

This challenge is called What’s your Confession? It will be hosted on Confessions of Love, a group blog. Tell us your confession of love or love story,

Anonymous submissions are welcome.

Written Submissions are welcome.

All submissions will be posted but one will be chosen to be Featured all through out the Blog each week by Fridays, Including: Author Name, Blog Link, Books Links

Following attachment is an example of the Entry.



1) No self promotion

2) No Vulgar Language

3) No Eroticism, keep it PG or at least G Rated.

4) Keep it Creative but real!!


1) Find the best background that you will tell your story on.

2) Go to and use the online editor and tell your story by using the Text Tool.

3) Submit your confession entry to

Good Luck! And hope to see your submissions.

If any questions, contact me and I’ll be glad to help.

Happy New Years!!! from COF

Happy New Years

Happy New Years to everyone from Confessions of Love, hoping for wonderful new year to come. Keep reading as we start the new years with a bang. Let’s give make sure we keep the peace and love to each other.

For those who wanna join our author team contact me (Nebari) at

Welcome to Confessions of Love!

Confessions of Love is a blog for the brokenhearted to those madly in-love, sharing experiences, tips and giving or getting advice.

We have all been in-love and even heartbroken, and have lots of stories and more to share. A blog of unity and free speech.

So if you would like to join the blog as an author, please contact me (Nebari) to be added at