9-11: The Day Still Haunts Us

Its been 10 years since the attacks towards one world’s biggest nation, USA has taken place. The Twin Towers falling and over 3,000 deaths has become this nation’s sorrow and pain. The hurt of lost souls in these attacks still haunt us, and still fresh in our minds. A toll of silence hit each person in the world as they watched the horror in TV or in person on that day. Now Every on the day, we remember a time in history where the heart of America was hit.

In media History New York is shown to be the targeted place for horror flicks and Armageddon type of movies. On 9-11, these previews of horror became real to those who loved in New York and those who lost their lives. The Pentagon hit and on fire from a plane crash becomes reality to America. As the 3 known and most populated buildings vastly evacuated with death toll increasing, we watched in silence. For days the streets on Manhattan filled with ash and firefighters went hours searching for people still in the rubble.

These events teach us that spending every moment with our loved ones is a gift we should cherish.

For those who lost loved ones in the attacks, our hearts and prayers go out to you and your love ones.
Comment and tell us, What is your story? What were you doing the day of 9-11?